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A Smart Start to Your Academic Career!
July 29 – August 25, 2024

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UW-Madison offers a Summer Launch program for admitted, first-year, engineering students who are interested in experiencing campus life prior to the fall semester start.  Summer Launch students get to live in campus housing, join other incoming engineering students for fun, social activities, and take a two-credit introductory ECE design class in a state-of-the-art lab.  Plus, there is an informative one-credit The Wisconsin Experience seminar which is required for international students and optional, but recommended, for domestic students in the program.
Join us for this unique opportunity for hands-on discovery and exploration of UW-ECE.  What a great way to make new friends, and get a jump start on your UW-Madison engineering career!


Minnesota Resident US Resident
Not from WI
or MN
International Student
Tuition & fees (2 credit ECE210 Only) – Summer 2024
$1,113.29 $1,567.57 $3,563.05 N/A**
Tuition & fees (3 credits ECE210 & CP125) – Summer 2024 $1,660.33 $2,341.75 $5,334.97 $5,459.98
Estimated dining costs $500 $500 $500 $500
Housing – Summer 2024 $841 $841 $841 $841

**International Student Requirements:  International students are required to enroll in CP 125 The Wisconsin Experience Seminar in addition to ECE 210.  CP 125 is optional, but recommended, for domestic students.

Housing:  Summer Launch students will live in a triple room in University Housing through late-August, 2024.  The move-in date for Summer Launch is Saturday, July 27th, and the transition from summer housing to fall semester housing will take place on August 15th.  Summer Launch students who wish to live in University Housing are required to have contracts with University Housing for the Academic Year 2024-25.

Dining:  Students and families should plan to spend approximately $500 on dining costs.  Funds may be added to the student’s WisCard and used at university dining halls.  University dining halls also take personal credit and debit cards.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:  Scholarships are available for this ECE Summer Launch course.  To be considered for a scholarship, submit your program application by May 5, 2024 and select the checkbox indicating you would like to be considered for scholarships.  Some students may also be eligible for other financial aid during the program. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid with any questions.

Minnesota Reciprocity:  Minnesota students must be approved for reciprocity for the Summer term to pay at the Minnesota rate. Since Summer is the last term of the academic year, students must submit a reciprocity application for the academic year prior to their Fall enrollment. For example, if you applied to start as a Freshman in Fall 2024, and you want to enroll in Summer 2024 courses, you will need to apply for reciprocity for the 2023-2024 academic year – even if you have already completed a Minnesota Reciprocity application for the 2024-2025 academic year. You can apply for Minnesota Reciprocity here.

Can I attend Electrical and Computer Engineering Summer Launch if I am not majoring in Electrical or Computer Engineering?  Absolutely!  The ECE Summer Launch program is designed for students interested in exploring the fields of electrical or computer engineering.  The course in this program may satisfy Introduction to Engineering requirements for other engineering majors as well. Contact us via email to determine if the ECE Summer Launch program is a good fit for you.

How will I find out if I’m accepted?  You will be notified at the email address provided on your application, so please provide an email address that you check regularly.  You will hear from us within two weeks after we receive your application.

Is placement testing included in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Summer Launch program?  No, placement testing is not included in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Summer Launch program.  Participants will need to complete any placement testing before they attend the program.

Do I need a certain math placement to participate in the program?  To take ECE 210, you must demonstrate advanced math competence, by having completed algebra or trigonometry, or achieving a suitable placement score. Please contact us via email if you have any concerns about your mathematical preparation for the program.

Where will I live in Madison?  Summer Launch students can stay together in a campus residence hall near the engineering buildings.  Students will share a triple room.  University housing move-in for Summer Launch will take place on Saturday, July 27.  Students will later transition to their fall housing assignments on August 15.  Students who wish to arrange their own off-campus housing arrangements may do so.

Can I eat in the dining halls?  Yes!  A very convenient option is to use your new campus ID (WisCard), which can be loaded with funds to buy food in the campus dining halls.  If you have not attended SOAR and received your WisCard before Summer Launch, you will be able to receive one on Monday, July 29.  Dining halls also take personal credit and debit cards, but do not accept cash.

Can I work, take another course, or attend SOAR while enrolled in Electrical and Computer Engineering Summer Launch?  No, this program is considered a full-time, academic commitment.  The ECE Summer Launch program is fast-paced and will require a significant time commitment every day.  In addition to spending time in lecture, discussion, and lab, you will have homework to complete outside of class.

Does ECE 210 require lab equipment?  Yes, equipment totaling $350/student is provided free-of-charge!  When ECE students enroll in the required course, ECE 210: Introductory Experience in Electrical Engineering, generous donations from alumni and supporters are used to gift every ECE student with a lab kit that will serve them for the rest of their undergraduate experience. Each kit includes a USB-powered multi-function test/measurement instrument, microcontroller, multimeter, and supplies for circuit building such as LED’s, sensors, actuator, wires, and a breadboard.

Questions about ECE Summer Launch?
Please contact us via email at ECESummerLaunch@wisc.edu.

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